AgScape and OAA launch new aquaculture resources for Ontario teachers

AgScape and OAA launch new aquaculture resources for Ontario teachers

Ontario students in grades 7 – 12 will dive into learning about the province’s aquaculture industry thanks to a new educational partnership between AgScape and the Ontario Aquaculture Association.

AgScape and the OAA developed several science-based, curriculum-linked teaching materials available to teachers free of charge. The resource ‘A Guide to Aquaculture in Ontario‘ was launched earlier this month as part of Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM).

The guide contains an overview of aquaculture in Ontario along with three interactive lesson plans focused on learning more about fish farming, potential career pathways and how to build a successful fish farming business.

“We are thrilled to celebrate CALM with the release of a new educational resource that will introduce students to the thriving aquaculture industry. As one of the fastest-growing food production sectors in Ontario, it’s an exciting time to shine the spotlight on aquaculture and educate students about the rewarding careers that they can pursue,” said Mercedes Unwin, program and resource manager at AgScape.

“It’s an honor to have been chosen by the OAA to develop these new educational resources and it’s been a pleasure to work with experts who know their subject matter so well.”

Since its release, the guide has already reached over 250 Grade 7-12 classrooms across the province and is enabling students to learn about the aquaculture industry through interactive activities in subjects such as English, Science and Technology, Business, Guidance and Career Education.

“Ontario’s aquaculture sector is an important employer and economic driver for the province, especially in rural, northern and Indigenous communities. Our farmers are recognized internationally for their environmental stewardship and social responsibility. This educational partnership with AgScape is a great step towards growing awareness of the industry and opening up this world to students and teachers,” said RJ Taylor, managing director of the Ontario Aquaculture Association.

“Our sector continues to grow at an unprecedented rate in Ontario, and much like other industries in the agri-food sector, aquaculture is faced with increasing labour shortages. We realize the solution is finding innovative ways to connect with today’s learners about the sector. With AgScape’s help, we’re working to grow students’ knowledge about aquaculture and to inspire them to consider careers in our sector for decades to come.”

AgScape is a charitable organization providing objective, fact-based and curriculum-linked resources to Ontario schools on agriculture, food production, environmental sustainability and related topics. AgScape was created in 1991 with the mission to empower Ontario students with impartial and accurate information to increase awareness of the agri-food system and ignite interest in related careers.

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