Statement: OAA Supports Regulated Growth of Ontario’s Aquaculture Industry

Statement: OAA Supports Regulated Growth of Ontario’s Aquaculture Industry

To build Ontario’s first fish farms, our industry’s pioneers had to find clever ways to navigate complex regulations that were not always intended to oversee aqua farming. Today, their tenacity and patience continue to pay off through a thriving aquaculture sector that grows over 100 million meals of seafood each year with limited environmental impact and maximum sustainability.

The Ontario Aquaculture Association and our members continue to support the growth of the province’s farmed seafood industry through proper regulatory channels. We believe that the industry should only expand by adhering to licencing frameworks established by the Ontario government and agreements with First Nations communities.

These guidelines provide stringent protocols for environmental performance, fish health, food safety, and community relations. They ensure that growers operate in the long-term interest of Ontarians, the planet, and our own industry, and also make sure we keep our hard-earned reputation as responsible stewards of Ontario’s lakes and rivers.

As Ontario’s seafood farmers continue to establish new farms, culture new species, and cultivate new partnerships, we look forward to celebrating how they uphold our deep-rooted industry traditions — established by our early pioneers — of high standards, productive partnerships, and positive contributions to our communities and the planet.

About the Ontario Aquaculture Association

By production and volume, the Ontario Aquaculture Association represents more than 95% of the seafood farming industry in Ontario, including finfish and shrimp growers, land-based and net-pen operators, feed suppliers and other companies invested in growing healthy, sustainable protein here in Ontario. The OAA was created by industry to foster growth, innovation and partnerships across the province’s aquaculture sector and beyond. Learn more about the OAA.