Tour an Ontario fish farm for Local Food Week

Join Kana Upton, manager and biologist at Aquacage Fisheries, for a fish farm tour for Local Food Week. Kana takes you on a exploration through the farm and explains how they feed, raise and care for their rainbow trout. You’ll take a ride out on the boat to see live feeding, underwater robots and discuss careers in aquaculture.

Aquacage, part of Cole Munro Foods, just celebrated 40 years in operation, making it Canada’s longest running freshwater net-pen fish farm. 

Thanks to our friends at AgScape for hosting an Ontario fish farm tour for Local Food Week. 

Content warning: Kana shows a dissection of a rainbow trout to show you what she’s looking for on fish health checks. If you’re squeamish, we recommend avoiding 17:00 – 23:00.